I am going to be moving to a little town in the South of France before too long and I have started trying to immerse myself in the French language in preparation. I got a job with one of Airbus’ main vendors in the area of Toulouse France, where Airbus has their main assembly plant. I will be training for the first few months, but after that I will have to supervise people who speak French. I have been looking all over the internet, sites like extratorrent and other sites where you can download movies and tv shows. Of course I took a good bit of French in High School and a single course while I was in college. It was all about this girl I was trying to get close to though. I saw her standing in the line to sign up for the class and I figured that I might as well get in line. I had a different plan going in there, but the French class worked just as well for me in the long run. It actually worked out well for me now.

In fact I managed to get that girl to go out on a couple of dates with me, but it was not a great experience. I soon found out that her great looks were all on the outside. On the inside she was a real piece of work and had all of these crazy little jealousies and hatreds of other people for the silliest reasons. In fact it was pretty obvious that I did not want to get in a real relationship with her. You did not want this sort of girl to get too attached to you if you know what I mean. It is the sort of thing that always ends badly.