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July 25, 2015

A Producer or Director Can Make or Break a Film or TV Show

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I like the look of different film genres, but there are genres within genres. Take superhero movies for example. Each new movie series is a new vision from a new director. Compare ones from the 1950s to today. They are all the same superheroes, but the vision for what the movie should be like for each re-imagining is different. This is where the artistic vision of directors comes in. A Steven Cantor BTS (behind-the-scenes) look gave me an insight into one of my favorite directors. No, he is not behind any new superhero movies, but he is the creative talent behind some of my favorite movies and even television shows.

I like the one show he did about Amish kids trying to adjust to life among the “English. Read it all..

August 2, 2018

Knowing What’s Coming and Going

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Whenever I want to find out what shows and movies are coming to and going away from Netflix, I check out netflixinsider.com near the end of the month. There are sometimes shows and movies that I’ve wanted to watch, but don’t really do it until they’re about to leave. I recently had to binge watch an entire series in a couple of days because of this. It’s a good thing that I had the entire weekend to watch the series, or I would have missed out on some of the episodes.

There’s a movie coming next month that I have been waiting to see since last year. I missed the movie when it was in theaters and I didn’t want to buy it on disc or rent it from one of the other services. Read it all..

September 15, 2016

Just Started Thinking About New Internet Options

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Of late I have seen a whole lot of utility trucks working in my part of the world. They belong to at&t along with utility contractors who work for them. They are working to upgrade the infrastructure so that they can off the local folks the really fast fiber internet service from at&t internet , I think that they call it U Verse. Right now we Directv availability and the time warner Cable company. I am pretty sure that they are going to give it to me if I call them up and in fact that seems like a very good idea without looking at the fine print. In truth the giant cable company that I get TV and internet from seems to have an endless creative streak when it comes to finding new ways to bump up my bill. It usually creeps up towards a couple hundred dollars and then I call them up and threaten to go some other place for the internet. They will take off a lot of the money, which shows you that they really never needed to charge that much. It is only greed and the fact that there are not many real options for people to switch to. Read it all..

August 14, 2016

Watching Japanese Programming on My Computer

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The first time I watched a Japanese drama, I was mainly doing it because of the girl I was dating. While my relationship with her did not last very long, I do have to give her credit for introducing me to jdrama. This is a website that has a lot of Japanese films and television shows on it. It is hard to find Japanese programming on a regular basis, especially on TV, so a website that is devoted to it is fantastic for those of us who enjoy programming like this.

I knew a little Japanese before watching these shows and movies, but I have really learned a good bit more about the language since. My grandmother is half Japanese, and she spoke a lot of it when I was younger, which is where I picked it up. Read it all..

November 29, 2015

More Content from a Different Land

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Every month brings hope and disappointment for me, because Netflix releases a list of content that will be added and taken away from their service. It seems like these days, they’re taking away more content than they are adding, and most of the content that they do add is usually their original content, with a few unknown movies that no one really cares about. I do enjoy some of the original content, but I always want more. That’s why I went over to the US Netflix to see what they had to offer. There was a lot more content to watch on the US side, and even though some things were being added and removed, it wasn’t nearly as much as I was seeing in my own country.

What really surprised me about the content on Netflix in the US is that they got many movies before we did. Read it all..

October 19, 2015

An Easier Way to Find Things to Watch at Netflix.com

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We subscribe to a streaming service. I spend more time looking for something to watch at Netflix.com than I do watching things. Well, maybe not really, but it sure seems that way. I start scrolling through and see things like lists recommended specifically for me, and lists of recommendations because I liked a certain show or movie. I click to read a synopsis, and then keep looking. It is a slow process to find something new to watch on Netflix. Going back to my old standby favorite shows and movies is easy. Looking for new content I want to spend my valuable time watching is another story altogether.

A very cool website that helps find things I really would like to watch at Netflix.com was a welcome addition. The interface to choose things at Netflix is based a lot on stuff you have already watched. At least that is how it seems to me. Even the list that is labeled “Trending Now” seems to have a lot of stuff associated with my viewing habits, and I do not think I represent the majority of movie and TV show viewers. Read it all..

October 6, 2015

The Customer Gets the Region Shaft

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While visiting a friend in Canada I came upon a horrifying truth. A realization that shook me to my very core and made me doubt the reality that I knew to be the one I have always known to be true to me. When you’re in Canada and you have an American Netflix account, you suddenly lose access to some of your shows. Apparently they have some serious region locks which means you can’t access content that hasn’t been approved for specific regions. In turn, I had to find out how to get American Netflix in Canada. I can’t just stop watching my shows, you know?

There’s a reason that Netflix binging is a thing. Once you start an awesome show, it’s incredibly difficult to turn it off and quit. Read it all..

August 16, 2015

New Video Software for Making Webinars

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At my new job I am in charge of some social media things and other things related to media more generally. One of the things I will be charged with doing is to create some webinars. I am not exactly sure when I am going to have to have them done by, but I figured it would be nice to get a head start on them. So Ifound this website that has a suite of video software available to help to make it easier to create videos and stuff like that.

I am pretty excited about this new job. One of the things that is best about the new job is the fact that it pays a good bit more than the job I was working before I got this job. That is definitely exciting, because with some extra money coming, I should be able to start to save up some money. I would like to save up enough to buy a house at some point in the future, but there is no telling how long it is going to take me to be able to do that. Read it all..

November 15, 2014

Getting the Best with Cox Cable

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It seems like every single year there is a new cable company or satellite dish trying to convince customers to come over to them, but the giants are still running strong. One of the longest running and most loved companies is Cox, who offers a cable service package that has really set the standard that most of the competitors simply hope to match at best. In fact, they now offer multiple packages with a variety of options and services that can either help you save money or get the latest features. Check out http://www.cable-tv.com/cox/ to see all of the details and determine the best package for your home.

Of course for anyone worried that they might not be able to find a package that is perfect for them, there is really something available for everyone. Whether you are looking to find some good movies to watch with your loved ones or you are only interested in the latest live sports to hang with your friends, there is a package perfectly suited to your needs. Read it all..

August 19, 2014

Switching to a Straight Talk Phone

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I have decided that my current phone plan is too expensive and in fact I have figured out that I can pretty much live without a lot of the features that I have on my phone if I have to do it. I send a few texts every months and I do a bit of searching on the Internet when I am on my phone, but it is not like some younger people I know. Some of them are interested in nothing that does not happen on their phone. I am interested in a straight talk promo code offer I was shown by a friend of mine. He has been using it pretty well near a year he says and does not have much bad to say about the service. Obviously you get one of these plans to save money and there are some differences.

I suspect that if you have a problem that requires you to call customer service they might send you to a call center located in India or some other South Asian country. That can be annoying, because you end up not being able to understand one person because they are in a room where hundreds of other people are talking. My friend says that he has not really had many problems, but of course to get a low price service like this it is necessary that you cut a few corners. I understand that and it does not matter to me so long as they are upfront about it. If I know that I going to get a lower level of customer service going into it I do not mind it. I would expect that I am going to get a lower level of service and so long as the phone works well I am okay with it.

August 6, 2014

Started Trying to Immerse Myself in French

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I am going to be moving to a little town in the South of France before too long and I have started trying to immerse myself in the French language in preparation. I got a job with one of Airbus’ main vendors in the area of Toulouse France, where Airbus has their main assembly plant. I will be training for the first few months, but after that I will have to supervise people who speak French. I have been looking all over the internet, sites like extratorrent and other sites where you can download movies and tv shows. Of course I took a good bit of French in High School and a single course while I was in college. It was all about this girl I was trying to get close to though. Read it all..

July 15, 2012

Trying to Save a Little Extra Money Each Month

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A couple of days ago my husband and I were talking about ways that we could try to save some money. We have decided to do this because I am going to be going down to part-time hours at work and so we are going to be making less money each month. I suggested that we look at cutting our internet cost by checking out the new Comcast Bundles. I am really happy about my new work schedule, but I am not sure how we will do on a new budget. I know that if I take some time to plan things well and we stick to it then things will work out fine.

One of the things that we are going to try to do to save money is look for a different cable provider. I have heard that Comcast has some really good sales and promotions going on right now. I am going to look on the Internet for Comcast Bundles to see what I can find. I hope that I can find something for around $100 a month that will include digital TV, Internet and some sort of phone service. I have a friend that uses Comcast and they have said some really good things about that company.

I think that this will definitely help us save some money because right now we are spending more than $150 a month with a different provider. I know that saving $50 will go a long way in helping us reach our budget goals.

Another thing that we are going to try to do is look around for different car insurance policies. When I was making more money we were not overly picky about how much we spent on things like this. Now that we are trying to save money though I know that it will definitely benefit us to find a less expensive car insurance policy.I will start looking for deals online right now.