I have decided that my current phone plan is too expensive and in fact I have figured out that I can pretty much live without a lot of the features that I have on my phone if I have to do it. I send a few texts every months and I do a bit of searching on the Internet when I am on my phone, but it is not like some younger people I know. Some of them are interested in nothing that does not happen on their phone. I am interested in a straight talk promo code offer I was shown by a friend of mine. He has been using it pretty well near a year he says and does not have much bad to say about the service. Obviously you get one of these plans to save money and there are some differences.

I suspect that if you have a problem that requires you to call customer service they might send you to a call center located in India or some other South Asian country. That can be annoying, because you end up not being able to understand one person because they are in a room where hundreds of other people are talking. My friend says that he has not really had many problems, but of course to get a low price service like this it is necessary that you cut a few corners. I understand that and it does not matter to me so long as they are upfront about it. If I know that I going to get a lower level of customer service going into it I do not mind it. I would expect that I am going to get a lower level of service and so long as the phone works well I am okay with it.