I like the look of different film genres, but there are genres within genres. Take superhero movies for example. Each new movie series is a new vision from a new director. Compare ones from the 1950s to today. They are all the same superheroes, but the vision for what the movie should be like for each re-imagining is different. This is where the artistic vision of directors comes in. A Steven Cantor BTS (behind-the-scenes) look gave me an insight into one of my favorite directors. No, he is not behind any new superhero movies, but he is the creative talent behind some of my favorite movies and even television shows.

I like the one show he did about Amish kids trying to adjust to life among the “English.” That show came to be from a 2002 film titled “Devil’s Playground” where young Amish try out life outside of their sect to help them make a decision of what kind of life they will choose to live. Cantor has some interesting directorial and production credits like this show. Sure, there have been other documentaries and even TV shows about the subject, but I like how Steven Cantor did this one. That is what I mean about genres within genres. A different director can take the same subject matter and make it appealing to different people. They begin to get a style of creating movies and TV, and they became a sub-genre themselves.

The Steven Cantor BTS look I saw gave a bit of an insight into his mindset for his work in directing as well as producing. I can see why I kind of click with his work. We have a bit of the same outlook on some things. Still not convinced that directors and producers are what really make the movies and shows you watch special? Well, they say who will be cast to play the parts. That makes a huge difference. They also choose the locations, choose the lighting, advise in the scoring of the productions and they even change the script where needed. Plot becomes almost secondary. A bad plot can be tweaked to make it decent by one director, and a very good plot can be ruined by another director to make the show or movie a flop. I can pretty much tell if I will like a movie or not based on who produced and directed it.