While visiting a friend in Canada I came upon a horrifying truth. A realization that shook me to my very core and made me doubt the reality that I knew to be the one I have always known to be true to me. When you’re in Canada and you have an American Netflix account, you suddenly lose access to some of your shows. Apparently they have some serious region locks which means you can’t access content that hasn’t been approved for specific regions. In turn, I had to find out how to get American Netflix in Canada. I can’t just stop watching my shows, you know?

There’s a reason that Netflix binging is a thing. Once you start an awesome show, it’s incredibly difficult to turn it off and quit. I had started Gotham recently which has turned out to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! So imagine yourself, totally hooked to the Penguin and Gordon’s shenanigans in the show and then you go visit some friends in Canada where you’re completely, utterly denied the chance to continue watching the show. Ugh. I was so disgusted with the state of things that I went out of my way and downloaded a VPN – virtual private network.

A Virtual Private Network is used to change the location of your computer by altering your IP address. This totally lets you get in through the region blocks and while Netflix has no doubt blocked access from some of the VPNs, there are so many available that it’s unreasonable to think that they’re able to block them all. I have a feeling that Netflix doesn’t exactly want to lock down the regions to its customers but they’re completely at the mercy of of the distributors who they sign licenses with which means the customers get the region shaft.