We subscribe to a streaming service. I spend more time looking for something to watch at Netflix.com than I do watching things. Well, maybe not really, but it sure seems that way. I start scrolling through and see things like lists recommended specifically for me, and lists of recommendations because I liked a certain show or movie. I click to read a synopsis, and then keep looking. It is a slow process to find something new to watch on Netflix. Going back to my old standby favorite shows and movies is easy. Looking for new content I want to spend my valuable time watching is another story altogether.

A very cool website that helps find things I really would like to watch at Netflix.com was a welcome addition. The interface to choose things at Netflix is based a lot on stuff you have already watched. At least that is how it seems to me. Even the list that is labeled “Trending Now” seems to have a lot of stuff associated with my viewing habits, and I do not think I represent the majority of movie and TV show viewers. The clunky and quirky way of looking for things on Netflix was annoying to me. Did you know you can’t even click on something to view their exhaustive catalog alphabetically or by genre?

If you know what you are wanting to watch, it is easy. If you are sitting down to look around for something to watch, it can be a tedious process. Well, that is until I found another website that helps me find things to watch on Netflix.com. I knew there had to be a simpler way of looking through the thousands and thousands of titles Netflix has available to stream. I’m glad someone finally put it out there.