The first time I watched a Japanese drama, I was mainly doing it because of the girl I was dating. While my relationship with her did not last very long, I do have to give her credit for introducing me to jdrama. This is a website that has a lot of Japanese films and television shows on it. It is hard to find Japanese programming on a regular basis, especially on TV, so a website that is devoted to it is fantastic for those of us who enjoy programming like this.

I knew a little Japanese before watching these shows and movies, but I have really learned a good bit more about the language since. My grandmother is half Japanese, and she spoke a lot of it when I was younger, which is where I picked it up. However, I never watched any programming because the Internet just didn’t exist when I was a kid at my grandma’s house. When I found this site, I found that a lot of the language that I had learned was coming back to me. I really like it a lot because it shows me more about my heritage, plus it is just entertaining to watch!

I like this site because of the way I can find the things I want to watch. I can either look things up by the title, or I can look it up by the date it was released. Those are not the only ways I can look up programming I want to watch though. I am able to see the most popular shows and films and even read the comments that others have left about it. I find the best programming this way, and I usually watch at least one or two Japanese shows a week now that I have this site.