Of late I have seen a whole lot of utility trucks working in my part of the world. They belong to at&t along with utility contractors who work for them. They are working to upgrade the infrastructure so that they can off the local folks the really fast fiber internet service from at&t internet , I think that they call it U Verse. Right now we Directv availability and the time warner Cable company. I am pretty sure that they are going to give it to me if I call them up and in fact that seems like a very good idea without looking at the fine print. In truth the giant cable company that I get TV and internet from seems to have an endless creative streak when it comes to finding new ways to bump up my bill. It usually creeps up towards a couple hundred dollars and then I call them up and threaten to go some other place for the internet. They will take off a lot of the money, which shows you that they really never needed to charge that much. It is only greed and the fact that there are not many real options for people to switch to. In fact now the U Verse offers a real alternative, which was lacking in the past. You could switch to DSL, but they never seem to get that right so that you end up with a service which is competitive with the cable company when it comes to quality. The price is always a great deal less, but you are not paying for the same thing obviously. It is not comparing apples to apples. With U Verse you are getting a much better service, although there seem to be a lot of different flavors of it that you can pay for. The TV service is something that seems a little limited in the number of TV sets you can use at once.