Whenever I want to find out what shows and movies are coming to and going away from Netflix, I check out netflixinsider.com near the end of the month. There are sometimes shows and movies that I’ve wanted to watch, but don’t really do it until they’re about to leave. I recently had to binge watch an entire series in a couple of days because of this. It’s a good thing that I had the entire weekend to watch the series, or I would have missed out on some of the episodes.

There’s a movie coming next month that I have been waiting to see since last year. I missed the movie when it was in theaters and I didn’t want to buy it on disc or rent it from one of the other services. Years ago, every movie could be found under pretty much one service, but now everyone wants a piece of the streaming pie, so the movies are split across multiple platforms, and if you want to watch them all, then you have to pay for them all. I hear in the next year a couple more streaming services will open from specific movie studios, making things even more complicated.

I’ve been thinking about cancelling my cable subscription and just relying entirely on streaming services. The only reason I have cable is because it was bundled with my Internet to save costs, but the low price is only locked in for a year, and after that, the price will go up to the normal price. I can just have only an Internet connection in my home and watch everything through my computer, phone, or streaming right to my television. I’d have more time to watching things on Netflix before they go away because I wouldn’t be watching anything on cable