A bankruptcy attorney has to play the role of a champion solicitor as well as a personalizing aide. Bankruptcy is a traumatic phase of your life and involving you with technical and legal jugglery on such occasions is not the aim of any adept bankruptcy attorney. He aims to bring you at ease and discuss possibilities with you. In general, he offers his services for Chapter 7 and 13 though he is legally blessed to tackle chapters 9, 11, 12 and 15 just as well.

Chapter 13 allows him to improvise most as this chapter is related to debt restructuring. Under its realm, he can negotiate with the creditors smartly and fetch a better deal for you. Chapter 13 is also called Wage Earner Bankruptcy as it offers those with streamlined incomes a chance to repay their debts through a refinancing or restructuring format proposed by the court. It is needless to say that a smart attorney can make a sizable difference in such bankruptcy cases.