You have recently separated with your partner. You are probably wondering what to do to get him or her back. Most people have had sleepless nights wondering on how to get back an ex with some losing hope after a couple of tries. Below are some strategies that show you how to get back an ex. Stay calm: Avoid getting anxious or distressed. This will only make you act weirdly and reduces your chances of winning that ex back.

  • Always calling them up-let them miss you
  • Pleading or showing self pity-a huge repellent

Plan: Every successful thing was carefully plan.The get back an ex, have a clear strategic plan

Treat yourself: Let your physical and mental self relax. Constant drinking or sinking into depression won’t help either. Go out and try to enjoy life, buy new clothes, go get a work out, have a positive outlook to life. These are some of the things that will make your ex attracted to you again.